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First Mutual is one of the most thriving Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria. Considering the uneven spread of MFIs in our country especially the Northern region, we have strategically located our Head Office in Abuja, our country’s Federal Capital Territory.  We have ventured into the microfinance industry based on research and foresight and we are confident that our offering of quality banking and micro-credit experience to the poor in our economy is sustainable.

At First Mutual, we understand that without the assistance of all stakeholders; customer, associates and shareholders, delivering our business promise will prove difficult or become abortive. As a result, we are working together and winning together by one rewarding connection at a time, to deliver a world standard microfinance bank out of Africa.

We have considered many factors in ensuring that our website is user-friendly, we hope that this visit will cause you to develop a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with First Mutual.

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Moses Saromi, Chief Executive Officer

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